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  • How do I book an Appointment?
    Booking an appointment can be done a few different ways. 1) Send an email to or you can also email directly from the contact page. 2) You can contact me by calling the studio also located on the contact page. Please make sure you leave your full name along with any information regarding your tattoo idea. I work by appointment ONLY and require a deposit for your appointment.
  • How much do you charge for tattoo sessions?
    Pricing is determined by the amount of time the tattoo will take depending on size, placement on the body, and amount of detail. Color tattoos generally are higher priced because of the amount of time needed to complete them. My rate is $200 per hour for all work with a minimum of 2 hours per session. I require that you leave a deposit of one hour in order to reserve your appt. ($200) That deposit is applied to the first hour of your session. All deposits and prepayments for any tattoo appts are NON REFUNDABLE. You may request a gift certificate in the event that you change your mind. If you need to cancel your appt for any reason, you must do so at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled appt or you forfeit your deposit. All deposits and tattoo payments can be paid for with cash, credit, and Paypal. I accept all major credit cards through PayPal. Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.
  • What do you do to ensure client safety?
    Client safety is most important. I am required by law to maintain certifications for First Aid, CPR, Bloodborn Pathogen Training, and Infection Control. I am state certified and Flagler County Health Dept approved. Cleanliness of the studio, and tattoo station is a must! Every needle is brand new, sealed, EO sterilized and dated from the manufacturer for one time use applications, and disposed after each tattoo. All inks that are used are all organic, and approved by the FDA. They also have batch numbers, lot numbers and expiration dates. Certified Inks and Empire Inks are the only brands I use. Clients are required to fill out a digital release form which includes explanations of all possible health risks that may be associated with getting a tattoo. As well as the healing process. Healing instructions are explained by the artist immediately following the procedure as well as an instruction card can be given to you at your request.
  • How long do large tattoos take to complete?
    Typically, a tattoo session will last somewhere between 2-6 hrs depending on the pain tolerance of the individual getting tattooed. Most large tattoo clients are scheduled to be tattooed twice a month, but can possibly be tattooed once a week. Again, depending on a few different aspects from black and grey to full color tattoo work, is how much time will be needed to complete the work. It also may depend on finances. Some clients chose to pay per session, and some clients chose to pay one amount that both parties agree on. In general, large tattoo work can take from 2 months to 2 yrs or more. getting large scale tattoo work is a dedication by both client and artist.
  • How do people sit through such long tattoo sessions?
    Being able to sit for extended periods of time requires a bit of mental and physical conditioning. Lets start off by saying that a person who is going to be sitting for 6 hrs+ should eat a good dinner as well as get good rest the night before the appointment. You should also have a good meal before heading to your appointment. Bring snacks and or refreshments of your choice so we do not have to take any extended breaks. Arrive at the appointment with a clear, positive mindset. A person has to be in a good mood in order to be able to sit for longer hrs. Please DO NOT get drunk the night before because you will not be in any shape to get tattooed. Please DO NOT take any prescription or illegal drugs for your tattoo session. Vicodin and alcohol do not take the pain away. Lets remember that a tattoo pain is only temporary. Its annoying, yet tolerable. I do offer topical anthestetic for those that may need it at an extra cost.
  • When would I need a touch up?
    Touch ups, if necassary, are always guaranteed and free of charge. Tipping isnt mandatory, but greatly appreciated. Touch ups are needed on specific body parts more then others. Neck, hands, fingers, feet, etc. Touch ups may be needed for different reasons. Ex: You may have been tattooed for an extended period of time in one area and sometimes its a lil much for the healing process. Sometimes, its on a body part that has a hard time healing because of the elasticity of the skin. Touch ups are usually common with color tattoos and very rarely are touch ups needed due to aging of the tattoo.
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